Clear Railing System

The Clear Railing system is a ballustrade free glass railing system giving the most clear view of the scenery on the other side. The system is comprised of structural glass held together by stainless steel glass channels, glass clamps or stainless steel spigots and slotted tube hand rails, or can be left without a top rail.

40" or Custom
Mount Type
Top mount 
Top Rail
Round, rectangular or oval shaped slotted hand rail tube
Assist Rail
1.5" Dia.
Wall Rail (on Brackets)
1.5" Dia.
Rail Material
Stainless Steel, Wood: Oak, Ebony, Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut, Rosewood, teak, Ash, Beech, Merbau
Structured Glass (clear & frosted), Laminated Glass (Clear)
Stainless Steel
304 or 316 Alloy Grades
Standard Finish
Satin & Polish finishes to hand rail tube and glass channel