Edge Railing System

The Edge Railing System is an ultra contemporary minimalistic design with least obstruction to the line of sight. A solid system with a feel of the in-fill panels suspended in air!

The balustrades is made out 2 (two) slim stainless steel vertical bars and allows for a wide choice of in-fill options of Glass, Metal Panels, Cable, Multiline or Picket Rails. Railing in-fill between the posts is mounted via tensioners or fixed point holders for mounting of Glass or any other in-fill of your choice.

Max. Balustrades Spacing
5' on center
40" or Custom
Mount Type
Top or Fascia Mounts
Top Rail
1.5" or 2" Dia.
Assist Rail
1.5" Dia.
Wall Rail (on Brackets)
1.5" Dia.
Rail Material
Stainless Steel, Wood: Oak, Ebony, Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut, Rosewood, teak, Ash, Beech, Merbau
Tempered Glass (clear & frosted), Laminated Glass (Clear), Cable (4,5 & 6mm thickness), Multi Line (horizontal), Picket (vertical), Perforated Metal Panels, Wire Mesh
Stainless Steel
304 or 316 Alloy Grades
Standard Finish
Satin & Polish