Fittings & Accessories

In the design of any railing system, clients have a whole range of fittings and accessories they can choose from to make their system unique. Below are a few examples of our accessories and fittings. For more information please request an electronic catalogue. 


 Handrail Brackets 

Selection of over 30 exquisite stainless steel railing brackets, precisely casted by quality 304 & 316 grades stainless steel, and can be installed unto balustrades, walls and glass.









Handrail Fittings & End Caps

A wide range of handrail fittings like connectors, railing elbows, handrail flanges and end caps and are supplied in various shapes depending on the shape of the handrail.









Glass Clamps & Clips

Glass clamps or glass clips can be installed on curved and flat glass surfaces. They vary in shape and size, and can suit any thickness of glass and are available in different surface finishing’s.









 Cable Rail Accessories

A Series of crossbar holders, plate holders and cables are available which adds a whole level of detail to cable railing systems. From different style cable tensioners to varying thicknesses of cable, we are able to supply to your taste and individual needs.






Balustrade Brackets & Accessories

A variety of shaped flooring clamps for fixing the balustrade to the floor.









Slotted Handrail Tube & Accessories

Slotted handrail tubes are for fully glass railing installation (See the Vision System). A range of styles and required fittings such as glass channels, slotted handrail tubes rubber connectors, elbows, end caps and inserts are available.









Wood Finishes

The Blend Railing System and wooden handrails are made of superior wood materials, the suface finishing and color can be customized depending on your taste. Contact us for more information.